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PEEF Scholarships

PEEF is a proactive scholarship scheme which provides Scholarships at the doorstep of talented students of Punjab and other provinces, AJK, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and ICT

CMMS Scholarships

The PEEF is providing Ph.D scholarships to students who get admission in Top 50 (QS ranked subject wise) universities of the world.

PEEF - AJK Scholarships

The PEEF – AJK scholarship program aims to support needy & talented students of AJ&K to pursue Intermediate, Graduation and Master’s level degree courses

Master's Level Scholarships

PEEF Master's Level Scholarships.

Outreach Scholarships

PEEF – Outreach Scholarships.

Special Quota Scholarships

PEEF Special Quota Scholarships

Strength in Numbers

PEEF has awarded more than 455,000 scholarships worth Rs. 28 billion. Furthermore, with the inclusion of current year's scholarships (2023-24), the total number of scholarships awarded will be raised to more than 475,000.


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Success Stories

Student Success Stories

If I never got PEEF scholarship, it was quite sure that I might have quit my studies. It is my wish that I follow the footsteps of PEEF and help those students who quit their studies because of financial crisis. My family and I praise the efforts of Punjab Government and PEEF for providing scholarships truly on merit basis.

Muhammad Fahad Khalid

PEEF Scholar

This scholarship was a huge financial relief regarding me and my siblings education. My dream had become a reality. PEEF scholarship boosted my courage to study with zest and zeal. It made my journey of study easy.

Sahrish Ahmad

PEEF Scholar

PEEF scholarship not only paved way to continue my engineering rather it flashed a spark of courage in me so as to study with zest and zeal. Now I am working as a Food Quality Controller in a leading food chain of Pakistan.

Awais Masood

PEEF Scholar