PEEF - DFID Scholarships
The task: Identify 41,000 ‘Out of School’ children

More than 7,500 PEEF-DFID Intermediate and Graduation level scholars from Southern Punjab were involved to mobilize the parents and identify out of school children in their respective areas

The purpose of this community awareness campaign was to further harness the potential of PEEF-DFID scholars, in order to increase enrollment of out of school children.

Training at YDC

PEEF Scholars of Centre of Excellence (COE), NAMAL Universty, Mi-anwali and the Punjab Board of Technical Education participated in training hosted by the Youth Development Centre (YDC) from June 3 to 5, 2014.

PEEF Scholars of COMSAT Islamabad participated in Training hosted by Youth Development Centre (YDC) held from May 9 to 11.